What is a B6Z File and How Do I Open It?

How To Open a B6Z File On Mac?  Free Extractor That Works Amazingly

If you tried to open a .b6z file you got from a friend or downloaded from the internet, then you get a weird error or can’t open the file, then you’ve come to the right place.  As a matter of fact, the same issue happened with me as I tried to work out how to open the .b6z file on my mac.  Luckily, the fix for the problem was easy to find and I was able to extract the .b6z file with an amazing program called B6Zip, the top B6Z extractor program.

Note: you will not have to pay a penny to extract your .b6z file.  B6Zip is 100% free and easy to use (and is also open source).

What is a B6Z file?

B6Z is a compressed file, developed by a genius software engineer that gives far better compression and security than other compressed files like ZIP.  Basically, a B6Z file is one big file that contains a set of other files and directories within.

Why do people compressed files into B6Z archives?  Because this reduces the size of the files and folders without losing any of the data, in fact there are extra features as part of the B6Z format which actually provide file redundancy, another reason to use B6Zip!

How do I open a B6Z file on Mac?

Unfortunately Mac OS X does not provide support for this file format out of the box like it does for obsolete formats such as ZIP.  Third-party software must be installed onto your Mac in order to extract B6Z.  Thankfully there is great quality software that does just that called B6Zip.  <a href=”http://b6zip.com”>Downloading B6Zip is as simple as going to the official website and getting the installation file</a>.  Once you have downloaded and installed B6Zip, simply associate all .b6z files with the program and you will be able to easily extract any .b6z file by double clicking them.  Another great feature of B6Zip is that it also supports many other file formats such as ZIP and RAR.  B6Zip is the only Mac archiving utility you will need.